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A Delightful Slice of British Summer At Garsons Farm!!

Being the hottest day of the year so far yesterday, it was the perfect opportunity to visit England’s famous Garsons Farm. Located in Esther, Surrey. It is a food producer that supplies many local shops and supermarkets, as well as having an on-site “pick your own” section, where you can literally choose your crops straight from the ground itself.

Featuring over 30 different types of vegetation and fruit spanning across 150 acres of fields, it can be quite a trek to get to and fro, although using a car is optional. The first stop we arrived at down the dirt trail were the strawberry and raspberry fields. Words can’t describe how lush and juicy they were, especially the raspberries. I tried to do the photos as much justice as possible.

As you can see, the rows upon rows of raspberry vines provided ample amounts. The flavour just burst in your mouth. We were very lucky to catch these at their optimum time of ripeness.

The strawberry field was just a few steps away. They were specially water fed through tubes connected to a trough containing the rows of plants. This process resulted in a level of freshness and taste no supermarket could ever match. I think I went a little crazy with the amount I picked though. Juicy giants!

After a short break of a few minutes and some much needed mineral water, we continued along to the vegetable selection. They had marrows, beetroots, spinach, potatoes, to name but a few. I quickly made my way up to the marrow section and found this monster! Used all my “steem power” to lift it though.

The beetroots were in the same field not too far away. The temperatures were reaching sweltering levels and I could hear others huffing and puffing away picking their veggies. I’d never plucked a beetroot before, so was glad to see it was much easier to pull out of the ground than I first thought.

Driving down the trail through to the next fields, I laughed at this cleverly constructed tennis scarecrow and his friend.

We drove past a beautiful sunflower field which is funnily enough also my favourite flower.

We were coming to what was supposed to be the main attraction of Garsons Farm, the cherries. But this only led to disappointment as we found out the crop was not as strong as the previous year. The cherries are grown in archways that look like long tunnels, providing a massive green house for the plants within. We still decided to check it out though and actually found some decent ones, so it wasn’t all bad.

Finally, we ended our day trip at the Garson’s Farm shop. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of actually choosing and picking your own fruit and vegetables, this is the next best thing. Friendly service and all round great day out.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. Happy Steeming!!!

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