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A female programmers how to become a good mother

First, let me introduce my wife and she called Linxia,We are a college classmate, After graduation to work in a software company in Tianjin, China. In 2004, we left the company,We became freelance shareware developers for envato, We work together in software development, We have a common language,Play the game can play together, she was better than I write code, also written in English better than me

首先我让介绍下我老婆她叫Linxia, 我们是大学同班同学,毕业后我们都去了天津,在一家软件公司工作,2004年和我一起离职开始了共享软件之路, 我们一起从事软件开发工作,有共同的语言,玩游戏也能玩到一起,程序代码比我写得好,英语也比我写得好.

Sometimes she proudly told me that as long as want to learn, she can learn,Since we have the first child, the thing work, she slowly put down, full-time care of the whole family, for a child, she learned a lot
有时她得意的对我说只要想学,她都能学会, 自从我们有了第一个小孩后,工作的事,她都慢慢放下, 全职照顾了整个家庭, 为了小孩,她又学会了很多

Many Chinese cities have their own different food culture, and the West are very different, but with the opening up of China in recent years,
the Western food culture gradually slowly being accepted by chinese people,If you are interested in the Chinese diet,
I recommend a documentary name is “A Bite of China Season”, You can find it on youtube, will help you understand Chinese cuisine throughout。
如果你感兴趣中国的饮食,推荐一集电视,纪录片 食尖上的中国,将帮助你了解中国的美食


Today I would like to introduce you to our family breakfast food culture, (porridge, dumplings, bread, fritters, fried, rice, milk, vegetables and fruit, etc)

please look at my wife with her work,Traditional Chinese food – dumplings
中国传统食物 – 饺子

Multicolored dumplings, (With different fruits to squeeze different fruit juices, mixed with flour, production methods later done by Lin tutorial)
我国北方人有一种习俗,逢年过节,迎亲待友,总要包顿饺子吃, 同样是饺子,但我老婆就要升级变化一下,成了五彩水饺 (用不同的水果榨出不同的水果汁,用拌面粉,制作方法以后由Lin来做教程)

Multicolored dumplings / 五彩水饺

Bean jelly / 凉粉

shiu mai / 烧麦

Cakes and pastries / 蛋糕和糕点

Fritters,steamed bread / 油条, 馒头

Pizza / 披萨

There are two of my kids / 还有两个小吃货的照片

Cakes for steemit / 我们家的大眼妹送给steemit的蛋糕

Although every time she did a lot of, But I always get a little bit,Children are priority,The last remaining scorched is my food,As she wrote programs code, until she made a success
And take some photos to share to her female friends.

My wife will come Steemit, Steemit require different themes,My wife will to share his method of making,I have already registered an account @elfkitchen, We will show the world China’s culture, Thank you all.

我老婆要来Steemit了, Steemit需要不同的题材, 以后将会由我老婆Lin 来分享他的制作方法, 我已经为她注册了账号@elfkitchen和@myfirst一起, 分享她的朋友圈和知识


My daughter shot

Enjoy 🙂
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