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Very grateful to Steemit this platform, let me and my friends many CN friends side by side work for Steemit, just created steemit Cn, Steemit price of 0.006, to now has fallen a lot, although our investment is stuck in depth, I believe Steemit has been constantly improve and improve, So we have been optimistic about the future of Steemit, What’s the value of Steemit ? That is Steemit’s high-quality original content, only the rich content, will be more competitive advantage, how to stop the decline in steem? This requires a large number of new users to buy Steem Power.


What can Steemit.Marketing do for steemit?

Steemit.Marketing by crawling Steemit on the success of the article (high-quality articles, written in money-making story)

A Chinese girl sweetheart by Steemit to earn $ 6000 story

A photographer shares his work with a flower, earning $ 200, the most expensive flower in the world.



And more than 500+ Earn Story…

Through the promotion of the success of these articles, the classic case, to the popular 200 + social networking and 100 + content sites (according to the contents of the article were to promote), so that more people know Steemit, registered as Steemit new users


Steemit.Marteting can bring 50,000-10,0000 user traffic to

Yes, I have written articles, my Steemit marketing plan, we need 500-1000 pieces of successful high-quality articles written to make money story

Is the robot doing, or manual operation?

The current crawl CN articles, all manual operation, to achieve 50,000 – 10,0000 users need 3-5 months time;
The fastest way is to steemit companies to come up with real money to do the marketing campaign, you need to spend $ 50,000- $ 100,000 bring 10,0000 registered users, and they are interested users, same as me, it is easy to accept the concept of Steemit

Steemit.Marketing In addition to introducing traffic into, what else can do?

New people to Steemit through howto, can quickly learn how to operate, how to write articles, how to make money, how to withdraw, how to buy SP

I have all the operating instructions have been collated



@myfirst at , @myfirst at deviantart,@myfirst at wehearit and more…

My Artice List for do steemit marketing:

Optimize your artice to social network , Help bring more new users to steemit
My Steemit SEO Promotion Marketing – Social network (20-50 million new users Traffic Plan) / Steemit
My Steemit Marketing Plan I
My Steemit Marketing Plan Part 2

All improvements and comments will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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