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Fruit – Red Honey Pomelo

Grapefruit fragrance, sweet and sour, cool, nutrient-rich, medicinal value is high, is the people like to eat fruit, is recognized by the medical profession the most therapeutic benefits of fruit. Grapefruit tea and grapefruit skin also has a practical value






In the south of China,My favorite is the red grapefruit and Anjiang Xiangyou,Do You have not drunk KFC to do the honey citron tea? Their origin from Sichuan,I really like the fragrance of grapefruit tea, today I bought a red grapefruit, but the red grapefruit is not cooked, over a period of time, its color is very nice

在中国的南方,柚子种植很多,柚子有非常多的品种,有红心柚,沙田柚,文旦,坪山柚,金香柚,安江香柚, 我最喜欢的是红心柚和安江香柚, 你们有没有喝过肯德鸡做的蜂蜜柚子茶, 它们在中国的产地在四川, 我非常喜欢柚子茶的清香, 今天我买的是一个红心柚, 但这个红心柚还没有熟,再过一段时间,它的顔色就非常好看了

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