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Happy Birthday to me – My first birthday as a Steemian !

Dear beloved Steemit friends :


Since reaching my previous milestoe of 3000 followers less than five days ago, I was some how gifted a speedy advance to my next milestone of 4000 . This is honestly absolutely incredible and I have to thank each and every one of you for sticking by me all this time to make this journey a reality.

Can you see the Steemit logo on my face?


This time last year, it was my birthday, just as this day, of this year is also my birthday. Often we like to associate certain milestones between these seemingly pointless plus plus yearly accumulations of age, pointless because moving from one age to the next was never an ideal mapping of disrete progress. Thus, I really can’t attribute any of my acquired wisdom, knowledge or achievements to the passing of a year, from one age to the next.


That said, my life turned out to be a whole lot different just a few weeks after this time last year. You guessed it – I joined Steemit. Since then, not a single day as passed where I have not involved myself in someway on the platform. Looking back, it is hard to believe that there even existed a time before Steemit.


In this short space of time, I have taken you on adventurous travels around the world, shown you the ins and outs of my culture and even showed you some insight into the modern and often misunderstood Chinese person’s mentality. I have made countless people grab at their screens, salivating over their keyboards, whether it’s taking culinary expeditions to the night bazaars of Xi’an,the Afternoon Tea’s at the Ritz or having home-made dumplings with me, we’ve had some pretty seriously delicious food together.


So, with the formalities out the way, today is my 25th Birthday!

Usually I like to sing some Karaoke with friends for my birthday, but since i’m in Bahamas, I guess some pool side karaoke will have to do. (thanks @brianphobos for the inspiration!)This song is called “Happy Birthday Me”, usually sung by people who are lonely and without people to celebrate their birthday with. But thanks to Steemit, I have all you guys to celebrate with me! Time to dust off your mandarin and singing skills and sing with me!

Actually my Birthday falling conveniently during my time travelling to Bahamas was not a coincidence. When I see something or somewhere I like, I’m the kind of person to obsess over it until my desire finally exceeds my ability to hold it back. Bahamas was somewhere I wanted to visit for years, but it was only a few months ago that I could realistically fit it into my busy schedule. Suffice to say, I think spending my Birthday here in Bahamas and sharing my activities with you all is my idea of heaven. I spend many hours during the day talking to you all in the comments, and it fills me with joy that so many of you take a huge interest in what i’m getting up to.


Steemit was a fortunate stroke of serendipity, but it is up to us to make something of it, and let it become the tool that unites us all in mutual aid and friendship.


Thank you all for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world on my Birthday!




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