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Hello Steemers! I want to say Steemit you’re still a baby

Who Am I?

Hi My name ‘s LinXia from China, I am the founder of a food Studio, My husband is a Full time IOS programmers, Stock market investment, BTC Investors and Development of a variety of IOS Software, Our kitchen software are very popular with Chinese users, I love to travel, most of the time in search of gourmet food from Chinese village.

How do I know steemit!

I know my steemit is My husband, he has many friends in the investment BTC and Digital currency, He said there is a website called steemit creative,Just upvotes you can get money, Market will overtake Apple and Facebook Inc,I was very surprised, This is the kind of company? Hold curious mind, I registered an account,User is growing very fast,From the current 3-month time, the growth is fast, so that often do not have access to, HA HA HA :)

Although the development did not take long to these technical issues should be resolved,

Steemt like Facebook and other social media changed our lives?

Hi Steemit community,I’d say you’re still a baby,Although there is no steemit App, But I hope you will become a giant, Change the world and our lives.

Today I made a cake specially for Steemit,But In the process of making this cake, I cannot understand the meaning of LOGO,Like the Apple Logo that everyone wants to have a bite :)

Hope that Steemit will become very popular, like my kids, waiting to eat the cake,To all those who love Steemit friends,Thank you very much!

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