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Hello STEEMERS! Today i cash out my STEEM dollars from Steemit to poloniex and then to My Bitcoin Wallet in just 20 minutes

Hi my STEEM community friends today i withdraw STEEM dollar (SBD) to Bitcoin in just 20 minutes its really amazing.

How i transfer it lets watch the whole story and you try it for withdrawal of your STEEM dollars to Bitcoin.

i am sharing here every simple process to withdraw your STEEM dollars or STEEM from Steemit to bitcoin wallet.

1-Make an account on poloniex as shown in below pictures.

Like in below image click on balance and select deposit and withdraw

Now search STEEM in search bar and select deposit as shown in below image.

Now copy the unique memo id as shown in below picture/

Now go to website and there select your wallet like below image.

Now fill the steemit fund transfer form as shown in below image and put the memo key which you have copied

in poloniex in deposit section.and click transfer.

Now go to poloniex website login and there select again balance>deposit and withdraw history after few minute you will see the STEEM dollar there in your poloniex account. as shown in below image.

Now this is called 2nd phase to sell your STEEM dollar to Bitcoin, Go to poloniex website and there select exchange as shown in below image.

Now after click on exchange scroll down and there you will see sell buy column there in right first select SBD the STEEM dollars and then fill the column as shown below with your poloniex Steem dollars SBD values and click on SELL.

Now check your poloniex account deposit and withdraw history there you will find The Bitcoin in your account now the 3rd phase is to withdraw these Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Ewallet so go to deposit and withdraw in poloniex website and select bitcoin by searching bitcoin in search bar then click on withdraw in poloniex and page like below will open so fill the page like shown in below image and click on withdraw after putting your Bitcoin e wallet address properly.

After some minutes you check the poloniex deposit and withdraw history there you will see that your bitcoins are transferred to your Bitcoin E wallet so check your Bitcoin e wallet definitely you will see the bitcoin dollars below images.

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