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Hello steemit! I am Laonie, a Super Superhero, a Hero of Heroes. 老聂的牛逼哄哄的自我介绍贴

English version:
This is what i look like now:

Artist’s depiction of the raw power of Laonie( Thanks to @klye for making this funny pic)
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This is what i look like when i was young, the left one is me:

I have faith in cryptocurrencies, i bought a few thousand of bitcoins at 2013, when the price is $1000, and i bought alt-coins as well, but i haven’t sell a penny during these years, even today. i am still holding those bitcoins, the only difference is that, i sold part of my alt-coins, and converted them to STEEM POWER.

I become a steemit member just one week ago, i fall in love with steem just in a few minutes after the first glance , i don’t have the same feelings when i met other alt-coins, i saw the huge potential of it ,it’s going to change the world.

I invited a lot of my friends to steemit, part of them have checked in on my first post here:

The price of STEEM dropped a lot recently, but my love is getting stronger and stronger, i am going to buy more.
I hadn’t earn a penny from cryptocurrency in the recent years, but i don’t regret it.
It feels good to have faith and have something you love, you know, it’s bigger than money.

Chinese version:

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