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How Steemit Has Introduced Me Into the World of Crypto / Steemit是如何把我带进数字货币的世界

Steemit has proved so far to be a life changing experience for me. I was never really too involved with Facebook, watched Youtube on the odd occasion but didn’t upload any of my own content and Instagram was something to pass the time, nothing more.


Now, I find myself checking up on the latest Steemit posts every few minutes, building up good relationships with my like-minded “online compadres” and regularly posting up my own content too. This platform has literally changed me as a person! I’m 100% sure many Steemians can relate to that feeling and it sure does feel good.


So, delving deeper into the Steemit pie, I found out about the importance of steempower and how beneficial it is to hold. So one of my early questions was how can someone actually obtain Steem faster? Further reading revealed it could actually be bought, but using the “dreaded” Bitcoin! Why dreaded you may ask? Here’s why…


In The Beginning 回到两年前 
My husband is, and most probably always will be, a currencies trader. That’s one of his main passions, but something I never really had any desire to get into. He has been trading since 2010 and doing very well out of it “so far”, lol.

我先生一直是一个外汇交易者。 这方面他有着浓厚的兴趣,却是我从未想要进入的领域。先生从2010年就开始炒外汇,到目前为止还做得可以。

Anyways, back in September 2014, he came home one day really excited about a new form of currency he had heard about called Bitcoin. Apparently, a new form of digital currency that could someday transform the world as we know it. Bold statement. To be honest, he already lost me when he said digital. Living in London, I knew that pounds and pence, and of course the Yuan was and always will be REAL money. So I shrugged it off and paid no more attention.

话说2014年9月,有一天他回家很兴奋地告诉我有一种货币新形式,就是所谓的Bitcoin。据说,数字货币的新形式,在不久的将来可以改变全世界。说实话,当他说到数字货币时,我就懵了。生活在伦敦,我只知道英镑和便士,当然还有中国人民币,这些才是看得见,摸得着的真实货币。 所以我我耸耸肩,并没有给予这个话题更多的关注。

But his enthusiasm wasn’t running out, as I now know that he started secretly planning on buying some these Bitcoins. So, one evening a few days afterwards, he sat me down and proposed we setup an account and purchase some.


As you can imagine, this didn’t go down too well, so after an hour of arguing and ranting at each other, “we” agreed that it was just too much of a risky and expensive investment for us at that point in our lives. This result was confirmed by us speaking about Bitcoin to some of our friends who immediately called it out as a scam. I mean, really, money you can’t physically see? Just a few numbers displayed in some program installed on your desktop telling you this is how much money I have? What a completely absurd idea… right?

可想而知,这场讨论并没有什么好结果。一个小时的争论和相互咆哮,我们最终达成一致: 现在投资比特币风险太大,我们也的确没有这个经济能力。这一结论似乎也得到了朋友的证实,因为和他们聊起比特币的时候,大家都认为这是个骗局。我就说嘛,哪有看不到的钱? 就凭你电脑里装的程序上显示的几个数字,就能确认我有多少存款?完全荒谬, 对吧?

The Next Beginning  接下来 
Fast forward now to a few weeks back. I was reading through The Guardian (A popular UK newspaper) and came across an article about a digital currency that had soared to over 1000% in 2 weeks! Reading further and I made 2 very important and life changing discoveries.

现在又回到了几个星期以前,我在阅读英国畅销报纸The Guardian里读到了一篇有关数字货币的文章,说这个货币两周以来已飙升至超过1000%!进一步阅读,我有了两个相当重要的发现,并从此改变了我的生活。

1) It was a social media platform that paid out money to people to blog. 

1) 给你付款的社交媒体平台

2) It required the purchasing of Bitcoin. 

2) 这个平台需要用比特币交易 

I just sat there for a few seconds and had a fleeting moment of deja vu. About how my husband mentioned this to me and I just ignored it. Luckily, this began at a time in my life when I had just recently left my job so could find out a little more about it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment I signed up to Steemit and first laid eyes on the legendary “Trending” page. People, just regular folk, earning in the thousands? Surely a scam, right?


Well, the former turned out true and the latter false. People were hitting it big time on here and I, like everyone else, wanted a piece of the action. So, I posted a few articles to get myself started and made a little money here and there (one post though doing VERY well). But still, the fact of the matter was that this concept was working. This was genuine, spendable, valuable and REAL money, backed up by that age old “$” sign to show it’s worth, which I think was a stroke of genius from Dan and Ned to display there. A relatable symbol for those new to crypto.


How the tables had turned in our household. I thoroughly researched into crypto in general for the next few days and as the saying goes “The penny dropped”. I finally got it. OK, it took a while, but as we can see from the amount of women accepting crypto now, I wasn’t the only one in need of convincing. And with Steemit newly launched, what better time to get into it than now! In fact, this time it was ME telling my husband about digital currency and how it was to revolutionise the monetary system over time. He’d laugh to himself every time I said it, lol.

现在看看我家发生的变化。接下来几天,我废寝忘食地研究数字货币,终于开窍了! 随着越来越多的女性加入Steemit,我应该不是唯一一个需要说服的吧。Steemit最近改善了原有结构并加入了许多新功能,没有比现在更好的时机加入这个平台。这一次是我主动告诉先生有关数字货币以及它是如何变革旧的货币系统。我先生每次都笑我,呵呵。

The Turning Point 转折点 
In the same period of time all this was happening, I was also getting to grips with what steempower actually is. Some kind of savings account? Most definitely, but one that earns 90% interest a year! WOW! So from simply reading a small article in the newspaper, this had now turned into a serious investment opportunity. I decided there and then, we need to purchase some Steem. But there was one problem and I uttered a statement I thought I’d never, ever hear myself say.

“We need to buy some Bitcoins”
在研究这个平台的同时,我也弄明白了steempower的作用,其实就是储蓄账户吧。哇塞! 一年下来能有90%的利息! 从在报上阅读的小文章,到现在Steemit已经转变为一个高收益的投资机会了。但是有一个问题,我说出了我以为自己永远也不会说的一句话: “亲爱的,我们买点儿比特币吧!”

So, the next evening, I checked out how much it cost to buy some and how to do it. One coin cost £550 (around $710 at the time)! Quite a lot of money. Never mind, I thought. I’ll just try to blog my way up the ladder like so many other talented individuals already have done on Steemit. So, I mentioned this later to my husband. He kind of smiled and nearly dropped the floor out from under me! He had already bought some back when we first spoke about it! I experienced a feeling I had never quite felt before. Furiousness and being overjoyed all at once, lol.

于是第二天晚上,我在网上查看一个比特币价值和如何购买。一个比特币需要£550(相当于710美元),好贵哦! 想想算了吧,还是和其他有才华的成员一样,靠发帖子爬上去。当我向先生提起的时候,他捂嘴大笑,几乎要掉到地上的样子。原来这家伙在当年我们谈起的时候就已经偷偷买入一些。此刻我的感觉好复杂,真是有点儿哭笑不得!

His reasoning was that he believed in it so much that he had used some savings to buy a few back then. He felt terrible for not saying anything to me, but was just biding his time till the price was way higher. Well, it definately was higher than before and he soon revealed to me we were 10 Bitcoins better off. Don’t worry, he doesn’t make a habit of hiding stuff, this was honestly a one-off, lol.

And the rest is history in the making. 
先生的理由是他坚信数字货币将取代现有货币系统,所以不惜动用积蓄采购了一些比特币。他对当时这样隐瞒我有点儿愧疚,但只是想用时间来证明给我看。的确,现在比特币的价格上涨了很多,我们净赚了10个币! 不用担心,先生并没有养成欺骗我的习惯,这只是很不寻常的一次而已,呵呵。

And so… 总而言之… 
The reason for this post is the fact that Steemit has literally attracted the other 50% of the worlds population to crypto, women. My story is just one from the thousands of females who have joined this platform and are greatly benefiting from it. I can now understand why so many people who previously loved crypto over the last few years had been waiting for that “Killer App” to allow this digital medium to go mainstream. From my point of view, this is by far the best shot taken at that challenge and is proving to be a success beyond anyone’s expectations.

To you, Dan and Ned, for changing so many lives and a job very well done.


Dan和 Ned改变了许多人的生活,的确功不可没,好样的!

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