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How to post pictures and videos to make your blog looks fancy!!!如何上传照片,从而增加部落格的魅力!!!

Have you ever wondered why your post looks less fancy compare to others who own hundreds and thousands votes. Do you want your own post looks as professional and fabulous as them! Add some suitable and excellent pictures and videos would be a proper and effective way to achieve this ambition!


How to put pictures on (Step by step)

  • Please go to (
  • Click ” Browse Files” to choose a picture that you want to upload

  • Click the picture and then copy the URL address of this picture

  • Put the URL address on, like this

How to put videos on (Step by step)

  • Simply, copy the link of the video that you want to upload, it will auto-embed like this

Hope this post could help more and more Steemit newbies out. Please share your story and every amazing moment in your life with all the Steemers here!

Tips for all Newbies

How to use tag effectively !!! This is a smart way to arise your vote!!!

  • Try to give your post a unique tag
  • At the end of your article type your personal hashtag (eg: #orientaledu )

Reference :

Have a wonderful Steemit time!!!

在看到那些登峰造极的帖子时,你有没有想一想为什么自己的帖子不能像他们一样。比起他们的帖子,我们缺少了什么? 如何让自己的部落格更有魅力和看头儿是我们今天要讨论的话题。其实简单的加入一些照片和视频就会让你的帖子看起来多姿多彩!


  • 请去到这个网站 (
  • 点击“Browse Files” 并选择你要上传的照片

  • 点击照片,然后复制URL 网址

  • 把复制的网址粘贴。如图所示


  • 很简单的复制视频链接,就会自动上传了

希望这个帖子可以帮到新人们。 尽情的在这个自由与崭新的空间里分享自己的故事与人生吧!


  • 试着给你的贴子起个独一无二的名字
  • 在文章的结尾加上你私人的hashtag (比如 #orientaledu#)


希望大家有个快乐的Steemit 时光!!!


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