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My 9-years old daughter just wrote her first post in steemit / 我9岁的女儿在 steemit 发表了她的第一篇帖子

I have a lovely daughter, her English name is Emily and Chinese name is @yulan . She is a 9-years old girl and began to study English at 4-years old.

Yesterday, I told her: “Hi Emily, Daddy found a very interesting website named steemit, you can post your English daily at this site, then you will get many friends from international, and you can also earn pocket money by yourself. Do you want to try it?”

She is very interested in this way, so she wrote the first post for steemit at the English daily book, then I help her to upload the photo to steemit.

I think this is a very important experience for her:
*She opened a new window to watch the world
*She will enhance her English writing ability
*She will make many friends from international
*She will earn her pocket money by herself.

Do you support my mind?

我有一个可爱的女儿,英文名字叫 Emily, 中文名字为 @yulan 。她今年9岁,4岁多的时候才开接触和学习英语。

昨天,我告诉她:“Hi Emily, 爸爸发现了一个名叫 steedmit 的有趣网站,在这里,你可以将你的英文日记上传,然后呢,你就会认识到许多来自国外的朋友,并且,还还可以赚到属于你自己的零花钱。你想试一试不?”

她对这个非常感兴趣。于是,她在英文日记本上写了第一篇针对 steemit 的介绍文章。然后,我帮她上传到了 steemit


  • 她打开了一个观察世界的新窗口
  • 她的英文写作能力将得到大大增强
  • 她将认识许多来自国外的朋友
  • 她可以赚到自己的零花钱


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