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Persimmon Garden And friends Chat Steemit

Yesterday, my friends and I went to the outskirts of the Persimmon Park, and my friends talked about a lot of steemit topic,From July my first contact steemit price is 0.06 to the present price, has fallen very much, and then see my friends @xiaohui data every day, although the increase in registered users, but the actual active users Not much, steemit little energy in the exchange to undertake, from steemdown can see every day there are a lot of power down,
Why is there such a situation, the main reason is the lack of confidence, as well as the amount of new users are not increased,I am in the development of a website to help import traffic, but also concerned about the November steemit the General Assembly, the meeting needs to solve any problem, is 104 weeks of institutional problems, or let steemit prices rise, steemit growth only more users to buy SP






If my friends want to be an investment, they have to solve the 104-week question


Although deeply stuck, but still optimistic about the steemit innovation

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