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Shanxi Qiao’s Grand Courtyard Travel – Land Of Wealth / 乔家大院(汇通天下)

In the previous article,I told a story of two brothers, Today I want to introduce to you this story Qiao’s Grand Courtyard (Land Of Wealth),This is a story of Shanxi merchants,Story tells the legendary Joe Yong forsaking text and embracing business,After hardships finally achieved after the goods through the world, Land of Wealth, And the love story of two women
看过我在上一篇文章中介绍的木府风云,今天我还想要介绍这个故事给大家,山西乔家大院(汇通天下),这是中国山西人经商的故事,也和steemit相关,该剧以乔家大院为背景,讲述了一代传奇晋商乔致庸弃文从商,在经历千难万险后终于实现货通天下、汇通天下, 以及他和两个女人的爱情故事


This TV from start to finish, and I saw the whole


Drama / 大概的剧情简介

Joe Yong had a childhood sweetheart Jiang Xueying, His father was seriously ill died,In order to save the family business, give up reading,Married a woman he does not love,His father was the richest man in Shanxi.




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Joe Yong led the caravan to the Chinese-made tea resort – Wuyi Mountain tea stall, the tea back to Shanxi Qixian. Then, Joe Yong and north kyakhta until the Sino-Russian border, with a “righteousness, faith, Lee” and Russian businessmen signed a long-term trade contracts




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In the process of currency exchange ,The quick and easy to make use of drafts,Joe Yong had a strong interest,After some to understand,Ignoring the public opposition,go to the Beijing opening banks, That “Land of Wealth, goods through the world” slogan,

Land of Wealth is, for the convenience of currency exchange
在贩茶汇兑银票的过程中,使用银票的方便快捷使乔致庸对票号产生了浓厚的兴趣, 经过一番了解,乔致庸不顾大管家孙茂才极力反对毅然前往北京,力排众难,开设票号,提出“汇通天下,货通天下”的口号 , 这就和我们刚刚了解steemit一样,往里冲,乔致庸搞到大牢里去了, 我们抄steemit全都套牢了 :)


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What impressed me most was, Shanxi first Stingy When Lu Da KE the death time, In the simplest, most economical coffin buried himself.


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