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Steemit Can Fire Up? / Steemit能火起来吗?


Come here more than a month, When I came Steem price is 0.0060,Now today 0.00168,Fallen a lot,Is big whales have no faith?
Although these days see Steemit introduced many new features,But CN many users is not growing, Articles in reducing,
Like when we first got here,Steemit for China’s registered channel,What time can open,

My friends and I talked a lot, so far no real action,We hope Steemit users rapid growth,And also to mention a lot of opinions, but do not have any news

CN lot of my friends very disappointed,Some more than a week did not write an article and did not buy, Have you thought of a solution yet,Advertising in google adwords or popular website? Attract more users,A lot of emotion, I Strike a match, Steemit Can Fire in China? A single spark can start a prairie fire, continue to adhere.





来到这里快有一个多月了, 来的时候Steem的价格是0.0060, 到今天0.0016,跌去了很多,难道是大鲸鱼们没有信心吗?
虽然这几天看到Steemit推出了许多新的功能,但CN的用户并没有增长许多, 还是我们刚来时的样子,Steemit面向中国的注册通道什么时候能开放.
我和朋友们聊了很多,到目前为止还没有实际行动, 我们希望Steemit的用户快速增长,也给@dan和@ned提了很多意见,但都没有任何消息,
CN区我许多朋友很失望,有的超过一周没有写一篇文章,也没有购买, 你们有想到解决办法了没,广告在google adwords或者流行的网站? 吸引更多的用户,感概许多,点燃一根火柴,星星之火可以燎原, 继续坚持, 总有一天,会火起来


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