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Steemit Poor Marketing / 这种走势图是谁干的?

First, we look at these two K-line diagram,K line chart, steem back to the origin,June soared, who pulled? This should be a team of organizational behavior, in order to attract popular purposes,Today’s Steemit situation, to continue to K line up, It is necessary to require more purchasing power, More purchasing power where come from? Pls see My Steemit marketing plan 1

(how to do 20-50 million new users in the three months)

首先我们来看这两张K线图,从日K线图上看,又回到了原点,6月份的爆涨,是谁在拉升的? 这应该是一个团队的组织行为, 为了吸引人气的目的,从今天的Steemit状况看, 要想继续支持K线上升,就必须需要更多的购买力, 更多的购买力来自哪里,已经在我的Steemit市场计划1作了介绍 (这些购买的用户在哪里,怎样把它们吸引过来,如何做到20-50万的新增用户在3个月内)



Yesterday I looked at the @steemitjobs Steemit Job Posting, Have Blockchain Developer,Front End Developer,Social Media Manager,After I read, Very worried Steemit team future development,So I continue to write yesterday Steemit 0.0005 fall even lower, why?

昨天我看了一下@steemitjobs的Steemit Job Posting 计划,有Blockchain Developer,Front End Developer,Social Media Manager,我看完后,很担忧Steemit的团队未来的发展问题, 所以我在昨天继续写出Steemit将跌到0.0005甚至更低, 为什么呢?


A group engaged in IT technology elite, only to engage in technology, but not sales,We do not see the development of the sales Marketing team, I want to say is that all development work, technical work is done for the purpose of Marketing /sale, no sales marketing, Steemit will continue to fall, who wants to catch nearly about 500,000 steem sales?

一群搞IT的技术精英,只搞技术,不懂销售,在@steemitjobs的招人计划里,没有看到发展销售团队, 我想说的是,所有的开发工作,技术上的工作,都是为做销售目的, 没有销售市场推广,Steemit只会继续下跌, 有谁愿意去接住接近大约50万的Steem销售

For the above charts, who is doing, crazy prices, crazy fall, If want to continue to support the steem up, only a rapid increase in new users, and purchase Steem Powwer.

对于上面的走势图,是谁做的,疯狂的上涨,疯狂的下跌, 如果想继续支持上涨的理由,只有新增用户的快速增加,并且购买Steem Powwer.

STEEMIT team seriously consider My Steemit marketing plan 1 (will Steemit help bring 20-50 million new users)

请STEEMIT的团队,认真考虑我的Steemit市场计划1 (将帮助Steemit 带来20-50万新增用户)

My Steemit Marketing Plan 1

Traffic Plan

My Steemit Marketing Plan Part 2


You plan to go to the meeting in November, the meeting is not intended to eat and drink, Steemit expand its influence, so that more people know,There will be what kind of effect,K-line diagram, is the best proof

你们计划11月份去开会,开会的目的不是吃喝,是为了Steemit扩大影响,让更多的人知道,会开完之后, 这个K线图能不能走好,就是最好的证明

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