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The Delicious Amazing Food Hair Bean Curd (Mao Dou fu)

Bean Curd First invented by the Chinese,Is China’s favorite foods,Wherever you go in China,You can see or buy soybean-related foods,Before the introduction of this article hair tofu (Hair Bean Curd),
I want to ask a question,In your country,How many types eat bean curd method?

豆腐是最早由中国人发明的,是中国人最喜欢的食品,无论你在中国走到哪里,都能见到或者买到大豆相关的食品,在介绍这篇文章的毛豆腐前,我想问一个问题, 你们知道大豆能做什么,豆腐有多少种吃法?

First of all,I want to answer to above question, In china, bean curd is an amazing food,
There are many eating bean curd method, Made of soy milk,Tofu pudding,mouldy bean curd,bean dregs,Sauce dry,fried beancurd,Tiger fur with bean curd and more.
From its fresh to Stinky tofu, all can eat,Is not it amazing?

我来回答一下上面的问题,豆腐是一种神奇食品, 无论它怎么做,都可以吃,
大豆可以磨成豆浆,做成豆奶,豆腐花,豆腐渣,香葱豆腐,凉拌豆腐,臭豆腐,霉豆腐,豆泡,酱干,豆皮等等,它从新鲜的,就算到它发臭了,都可以吃, 你们说是不是很神奇

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Bean Curd so very popular in China, In 2015, China’s soybean imports hit a record high,To 81.69 million tons,Look at this staggering figure, US soybean agricultural products, most of them sold the Chinese
豆腐在中国所以很受欢迎, 2015年中国大豆进口创下历史新高,达到8169万吨, 看看这个惊人数字,美国的农产品大豆,大部分都销往了我们中国

Today, I would like to introduce you to the Hair Bean Curd,It is a feature of food Huangshan Anhui Province, China,Many years later, this tradition may disappear,last old craft In the Huangshan Shexian,I came back from Hangzhou in 2005,go Huangshan, At that time the road has not been opened,
Huangshan to Jingdezhen, I took the wrong way, I came to the suspected, So lucky,I have the opportunity, of tasting authentic Anhui Shexian Hair Bean Curd,Many years later, China CCTV began to reported,Before the Internet can not be found.
今天我要向大家介绍的是中国正在消失的传统手艺 – 徽州歙县最后的老手艺,在2005年前我从杭州回来,经过黄山地区,那时的黄山至景德镇高速还没有修通,只能翻山到江西的婺源,在屯溪走错了路口, 开车跑到了歙县,所以很幸运,有机会品赏到了正宗的安微歙县毛豆腐, 许多年之后舌尖上的中国才开始了报道,在百度上才有了词条记录,以前网上都是找不到的

Hair Bean Curd (Mao tofu) is now Huizhou area (now Huangshan City area) traditional specialties dishes
Through artificial fermentation, Make Bean Curd grown surface layer of white fluff,Because tofu by fermentation,Wherein the vegetable protein is converted to make more amino acids,Therefore, by special fresh taste after cooking

Temperature according to the climate and other reasons,Hair Bean Curd mature at different times,About 5-6 days,Tofu began to grow thick pure white hair,You can eat them.

Hair Bean Curd (Mao tofu) historical story
According to legend, The Chinese emperor had lost the battle,fled to xiuning the area (Anhui Huangshan),Very hungry,He ordered the people Looking for food,His soldiers search from a haystack, found some Hair Bean Curd,Because nothing else for eat, soldiers charcoal grilled tofu, Emperor After eating very happy,He won,Ordered all the chefs prepare hair tofu reward the soldiers,Mao tofu in Huizhou handed down.
毛豆腐的历史故事, 相传,朱元璋一次兵败徽州,逃至休宁一带,腹中饥饿难熬,命随从四处寻找食物,一随从从草堆中搜寻出逃难百姓藏在此处的几块豆腐,但已发酵长毛,因别无它物,随从只得将此豆腐放在炭火上烤熟给朱元璋吃。不料豆腐味道十分鲜美,朱元璋吃了非常高兴。转败为胜后,下令随军厨师制作毛豆腐犒赏三军,毛豆腐遂在徽州流传下来。

Outside and tender taste good oh! / 外焦里嫩味道不錯哦!

Health effects of Hair Bean Curd
Not only contains eight kinds of essential amino acids,Higher nutritional value; have lower blood lipids, vascular cell protection,Prevention of cardiovascular disease,In addition, tofu aftercare, weight loss, delicate skin is also very good

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Hair Bean Curd (Mao tofu) now is a most famous dish, you have to wait in line to eat,
If you go to China Huangshan Travel,did not go eat Hair Bean Curd, I can tell you ,You have not been to Huangshan,go Huangshan travel , You must have to Hair Bean Curd. Because this is the best food I’ve eaten Bean Curd

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