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The Delicious Food Smoked bacon

Smoked bacon is Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou Miao traditional dishes,It during the Chinese New Year, an essential food

Smoked bacon meat is unique to China, is best food in honor of the guests,Unique flavor,Alpine mountains, dry climate is the best conditions for the marinated meat,Are their own breeding pigs,Corn and green leafy plants feed, meat thin, lean meat, fat thin, a good raw material do Smoked bacon.

Arborvitae leaves

Cured bacon is also very particular about,Pork cut into strips,Freshly slaughtered now salted,Proportionally put star anise, salt, pepper,Rub mixed evenly,So that brine can fully penetrate into the flesh,use arborvitae leaves with marinated smoked bacon,Until flesh red, Such delicious Smoked bacon is perfect call it a day,Placed in ventilated, cool place, it can be a long-term storage.

Smoked bacon, rich flavor, taste delicious, fried, steamed, boiled, stewed.

烟熏腊肉是中国特有的肉食,也是待客的佳品。独特的香味, 高寒的山区,干燥的气候,为腌制腊肉创造了最佳条件。 猪都是自家饲养,以玉米和绿叶植物为饲料,肉质细,瘦肉多,油脂薄,为烟熏腊肉提供良好的原料。

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