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The Delicious Food Smoked Roast Fish

Xinjiang Smoked Roast Fish Alias Kashi Roast Fish, Yarkant River Fish, China Xinjiang,The first impression is that, we want to eat Xinjiang kebabs,Maybe you eat Xinjiang kebabs,But you absolutely have rarely seen Smoked Roast Fish in Xinjiang,Not to mention eat this fish,In the eyes of many people.

Xinjiang Uygur people do not eat fish, But if you have the opportunity to take a look at Xinjiang Markit County,Here you’ll find, Uighurs here not only love eat fish, They invented a way to Roast Fish, It is unique in the world, Markit County, Xinjiang this way more primitive Smoked Roast Fish,Since when,Nobody knows, Want to eat this Smoked Roast Fish, it is best to go and experience it.

新疆烤鱼又称作巴楚烤鱼、喀什烤鱼、叶尔羌河烤鱼,说到中国新疆,大家第一印象是想到了新疆的烤羊肉串,也许你吃过新疆的烤羊肉串,但是你绝对很少见过新疆的烤鱼,更不要说吃到新疆的烤鱼,在许多人的眼里,新疆维吾尔族人是不吃鱼的,但是如果你有机会到新疆麦盖提县看一看,你在这里会发现,这里的维吾尔族人不但吃鱼,而且烤鱼的方法在世界是独一无二的, 新疆麦盖提县这种较为原始的烤鱼方式,起源于何时,至今没有得到考证。要想吃到这样的烤鱼,最好亲自去体验一下。

The raw material is grass carp and common carp, It weighs about 2-5 pounds per fish


Xinjiang Uyghur people, put the fish with a wooden stick penetrate,He very experienced did Roast Fish.


Then put the fish into the river to wash


This is a old man of Xinjiang Uygur Markit County,


put the fish the Insert river sand, came in a row, Next to ignite firewood

插入河边的沙滩上,排在一排, 在鱼的旁边开始点燃干柴

Roast fish process takes nearly one hour or so.


To fish sprinkle salt, chili powder and cumin powder to make the fish more tasty, in such a way the original ecological grilled fish it is a mouthful aroma memorable.


Gradually put out the fire, the fish has been roasted, you can eat the delicious Smoked Roast Fish.


(image credit from the Internet)

This is I use oven do Roast Fish,500g grouper,Because few thorns, My kids like to eat


I’d love to experience their Smoked Roast Fish, do you want to go?

我很想去体验一下他们的传统手工烤鱼, 你要不要一起去

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