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Why do Steemit Promoted?

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Steemit Promoted launched for some time, just started a few days we are very positive, foremost bid to $ 200 SDB, now diminished enthusiasm, just $ 35 can be ranked first, in fact, this is a chance, if your article is very useful for everyone,The need to increase visibility, impressions.

Every day I’ll pick some good writing chapter from CN, publishing to social networks, to help steemit do marketing,

Starting today, all the CN good article, I will do optimization,Because you can only spend $ 0.01 in the category,Front row 20

I hope steemit consider my marketing and advertising plan, that author writing article on steemit, can get more advertising revenue

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Steemit Promoted推出有一段时间,刚开始的几天大家都很积极,最前面的出价到了$200 SDB,现在热情减退,只需$35就能排第一位,其实这是一个机会,如果你的文章对大家非常有用,需要增加爆光率,展示次数,做过市场销售的人都知道,那就是需要广告
我每天会从CN挑选一些好章写作,发布到社交网络,帮助steemit 做市场销售, 从今天开始,所有CN的好文章,我都会做优化,因为只需花费$0.01就能在分类目录排上前20位, 我希望steemit会考虑我的市场销售以及广告计划,让作者通过steemit写作,可以得到更多的广告收入

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